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4 definitions by hypnotoad

Dropping vehicles on top of opponents in the PC game Battlefield 2 via the commander function.
"Dude, SirKillzALot just got crushed by Humvee cartillery!"
by hypnotoad May 27, 2006
Spewing prophetic garbage to convince you that you're wicked and must repent your sins. And contribute monetarily to the church.
St. Nilus the Myrrhstreamer forecast true events that would occur centuries in the future!
by hypnotoad February 23, 2005
To describe an athletic contest between two teams, particulary if it involves a Mets team, or a college football team.
Who are you versing tonight in the baseball contest?
by hypnotoad December 06, 2004
Me, I'm the real hypnotoad. Head developer of HelbreathX Source.
gg on 2.24c source
all glory to the hypnotoad
by Hypnotoad January 23, 2005