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Verklempt - choked with emotion (German verklemmt = emotionally inhibited in a convulsive way)
This is not FAKE Yiddish - unless you are one of the linguists who consider Yiddish a "fake", i.e. non-transformational language.
OY, vey. When that schmuck of a doctor told me I had cancer I got all verklempt.
by Jennifer Zeisz November 16, 2005
978 282
Overcome with emotion / gobsmacked
also spelled verklemmt
"Now I am strating To get Verklempt !!!" Says Barbra Streisand during her 1994 US tour
by C-Na Omid July 28, 2004
325 213
Verklempt (adj) — choked with emotion (German verklemmt = emotionally inhibited in a convulsive way; stuck)farklempt, ferklemptToo emotional to talk. Ready to cry.
Whenever Linda would get upset, she would put her hand on her chest and say "I'm all verklempt" or "I'm a little verklempt"
by Paulinski February 02, 2008
152 83
Extremely emotional. On the verge of tears.
"I'm so verklempt. I am so upset over Andy Pettite leaving the Yankees that I must go out for a very unhealthy, fattening, expensive lunch."

by Fabiola October 12, 2005
185 136
Choked with emotion - as though the throat were *clamped*. Often a result of schmaltz.
The movie's farewell scene left me feeling verklempt.
by Baruch Ben-David May 27, 2006
81 76
being overcome with emotion, usually not of joy, but rather emotions that hurt. As an emotional heartache.
My neighbors house and mine are a total loss, the whole thing's left me so verklempt...
by Linda Savinski November 07, 2003
90 97
1. Broken down, unusable, `gornisht helfn.'

2. Overcome with emotion, choked up.
Gaia's Instant Messenger is verklempt.

"Nu? Ayn lid gezingt un dikh tzu verklempt?"
by Oyzar the Scholar May 26, 2009
30 45