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An emo with vegan tendencies or that follows a vegan lifestyle
vegan + emo = vemo
Vemo: I'm gonna wear tight women's pants and sit in dark corners, alone, sipping my soy-milk latte
The Zad: You're so vemo...
by The Zad November 05, 2007
A vampire emo.

Someone who slits their wrists (down the street, not across the road), and then drinks a blood martini. These very special emos still have enough "happy" quotient in their body to appreciate the taste of good blood. All metallic-y...
Stacey: ZOMG Anna just cut herself and then poured the blood into a glass and drank it!
Tracey: ZOMG she's a vemo?!?
by Czuchry_Ackles_and_Depp May 24, 2006