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A Vegetesbian is simply a vegetarian lesbian.
Dave: 'See that girl? I heard she was a lesbian.'
Davetta: 'Yeah she's a vegetarian aswell'
Dave: 'Wow another vegetesbian then'
by Piers Young February 19, 2009
She enjoys organic experiences along with food that no one really knows how the hell it is made. Due to the lack of meat in the diet, they soon find themselves no longer attracted to male meat. They then hunt other vegetesbians to share views and underwear with.

BEWARE of the vegeTEASEbian. These non-meat eaters will use the power of the male fantasy to trick you into believing they are vegetesbians which can result in pathetic male behaviour.
Angie: "I agree, carrots can be used for more than eating."

Alison: "Sure, you can watch, but you gotta help out with...."
by Crowdpleaser September 29, 2005

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