An old Indian word for bad hunter
Lets throw rocks at that hippie vegetarian bastard
by poopwarrior69 February 09, 2012
a fag
guy:are you a vegetarian?

by colla93 July 15, 2011
People who don't eat meat or fish. To be clear : there is no such thing as a vegetarian who eats fish. That's a pescitarian.
Many vegetarians have to put up with idiots telling them that they are any and all of the following : fanatics, insane, fascist, obsessive, selfish, assholes, bullshitters...It's pathetic. If I told you that I didn't eat spinach (I don't - yeucch, spinach), would you feel compelled to sermonize on the 'fact' that I worship the People for the Ethical Treatment of Spinach society, try to force others to give up spinach, and am self-absorbed in my decision to avoid spinach? I don't think so.
People who choose to eat meat, do. Nobody stops them. Are they scared that the big bad vegetarians will come and take their steak away? And then they'll waste away to nothing because they’ve no protein? The average person in the western world consumes around 4 times the amount of protein needed, and some substitutes like soy and Quorn actually contain more protein than meat, not to mention virtually no fat.
A vegetarian is someone who has made an informed life choice not to facilitate the slaughter of innocent animals. A meat-eater is someone who, sometimes for good reasons, but sadly sometimes through ignorance and selfishness, has chosen to prioritise their own preference for meat over the suffering of the 11,000 sapient innocents that an average person eats in a lifetime. If one group should be angry with the other, then in my view, it shouldn't be the second.
I am a 15 year old girl living in the UK and have been vegetarian since I was nine. I have a few friends who are vegetarians, also, though most of them have only recently decided to give up meat.

I have not once regretted my decision and though my parents and two brothers eat meat they are (mostly) understanding of my decision. I am perfectly healthy and enjoy food just as much as I ever did. The only thing I don't enjoy is needlessly-angry-at-the-world imbeciles choosing to criticise a personal, ethical decision which does not affect them in any way whatsoever.
by SuitUp! July 18, 2010
Someone who believes that the only cost of raising food is land area.

When the simple truth is you can apply more labor, machines and chemicals to plant farming per area than to ranching animals because plants are less "alive" or sensitive. But that does not mean more effective unless you are planning to populate every possible square inch of the Earth with humans. Doesn't that objection to being raised in dense confinement and on restricted diet apply to people as well as animals?
First vegetarians forget organic farming is dependent on animal ranching for fertilizer. Human waste alone would be diminishing returns.

Vegetarians forget to mention that 3rd world farmers can ranch meat animals by simply turning them loose on any land with any plants and gather them up when ready to harvest. The labor is limited to protecting from theft, predators, and occasional birth assistance. No machines or chemicals required.

Vegetarians lie and describe the cost of farming as if plant farmers are only gatherers of wild produce. Real vegetable farming requires a lot more labor in tilling soil, gathering, and storage plus pest and weed control than animal ranching.

Vegetarians "forget" to mention that a lot less land area is suitable for human edible plant farming than animal farming. And the sea is almost zero directly human edible plants. Animals can eat many plants humans cannot.

On a modern scale grains and vegetable are far more machinery and cash intensive than raising animals for meat even when divided among the people that can be fed -- assuming that you do not restrict the amount of land and water the rancher can use.
by Al Gore Killer February 09, 2010
A person who only consumes natural intoxicants, such as cannabis, salvia or mushrooms but will not touch synthetic drugs such as LSD or ecstasy.
"Man, I was so out of it last night."
"Really, on beans?"
"Nah, I'm a vegetarian, y'should know that, I jus' blazed."
by Vehementi Dominus January 29, 2009
someone who doesn't like meat... maybe because they just dont like it. not everyone does, ya know.
I dont think its cruel to eat animals, I just think it tastes vile.
by peyaar hai tumse September 29, 2003
Those really long tubes doctors use to flush out vaginas.
Doucher #1: "I'm not even sure they know what vegetarians are around here."

Response: Aren't vegetarians those really long tubes doctors use to flush out vaginas?
by Dr. Bob Loblaw April 08, 2011

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