1. What humans ate when they couldn't find any meat.

2. What humans eat when they hear myths about how unhealthy meat is.

3. What humans eat when they have too much empathy for animals. Funny thing is, more animals are killed by farming equipment then by killing them for food.

4. What pregnant women eat a lot of and give birth to a vegetable.
1. Link didn't have anything to eat for the night so he tossed Saria's salad.

2. I ate vegetables for about half a year then a certain site proved to me that being a vegetarian is not healthy at all. I took it with a grain of salt. I started eating nothing but meat, eggs, and cheese. I realized how bad I had felt previously. My memory and eyesight improved. I felt truly full for the first time in six months. I continued this diet for about three months. You won't get scurvy from not eating vegetables. You only need the small amount found in meat.

3. People need to stop eating vegetables! All those poor animals getting run over by farming equipment...

4. Thankfully, my mom didn't eat as many vegetables as other pregnant women when I was in her uterus. She knew the importance of meat.
by "Banana" Fun March 26, 2010
Top Definition
1. A plant that you eat, usually green
2. A person who is brain-dead.
What do you do when you're done eating a vegetable? Put her back in the wheelchair.
by Fatass February 21, 2003
Shit that will make you stronger.
"Boy you besta eat that shit, it's all we got!"
by Vegetables March 29, 2005
Something that is living, but their brain is not working, they have no personality, they're stupid, they live a dull life, ect.

Commonly used as a very harsh joke to describe people in comas, but used elsewhere on occasion.

Also a type of plant.
Mang, you so stupid you like a vegetable.
by Not a vegetable. August 16, 2009
an instrument of torture most commonly used by your parents
so still not talking mr. smith? well we'll see how good you are at that once we've used...brocolie on you!muahaha!!
by jagged rock.com April 03, 2005
Vegetables are what food eats.
The food chain works as such: Vegetables are eaten by delicious animals, which are eaten by men. No exceptions.
by Powerslave1123 April 25, 2010
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