Veeg - N.

A female's vagina. Not an abbreviation, but a hipper and more interesting way of saying vagina.
The cold water of the ocean is hard on my veeg.

"Ow! My veeg hurts!"
by Greatflakes June 10, 2004
Top Definition
A young man who likes to eat everything he sees and is rather disgusting. Also a verb for breaking wind, or a exclamation to a bad smell.

Veeg likes to sit on his bed, play Skyrim and eat minstrels.
"Are you going to that party tonight?" "No, Veeg is going"

"Eww, who Veeged?"

"Smells like veeg in here... gross"
by SugarPlumFairy September 26, 2012
Slang term for a womans vagina
Hey jay how was the date with kelly last night?
Man she had the nicest veeg ive seen all week!
by Giustino July 03, 2006
vaginal opening
Randy, you are such a worthless sack of shit, you dumb veeg.
by Not Slim May 15, 2003
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