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Xool - Adj.

The COOL way to say "cool". Started as a typo and turned into much, much more.

And don't let anyone tell you that it means "xtreme cool". Because it means xool and that's all it means.
"Guiseppi, that's one xool idea."
by Greatflakes June 10, 2004
Veeg - N.

A female's vagina. Not an abbreviation, but a hipper and more interesting way of saying vagina.
The cold water of the ocean is hard on my veeg.

"Ow! My veeg hurts!"
by Greatflakes June 10, 2004
Basta'd - N. (Proper)

A joking way of calling someone a bastard. Used with friends.
"That's because Karen is a dumb basta'd."
by Greatflakes June 10, 2004
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