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Makes reference to a certain type of appearance in females.

Prime candidates of the "Mousey" classification have innocent facial characteristics. Usually rounded cheeks and chin. Classifiable as "cute as a mouse" yet not restricting the definition to just "cute." "Cute" and "Mousey" are two different things, that sometimes go hand in hand, but have been known to also not.

Mousey can range in attractiveness levels, from substandard to above average, but are all genuinely unique in their own individual regards, and may vary according to tastes of the beholder.
OG 1: Yo guy, see that girl at the tree?

OG 2: That Mousey girl?

OG 1: Cheaa guyyyy.

OG 2: "BABE!"
by JDMteggyracemachine January 11, 2010
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A term used to describe the appearance of a person, usually a female. Indicates qualities resembling or reminiscent of those of a mouse, IE: Short, brown-grayish hair, Wide or innocent-looking eyes, elongated nose, large front teeth, a gap between front teeth.
You know that chick Shelly? She's kind of mousey looking... sort of like Winona Rider...
by Super Dave 88 January 15, 2011
The feeling of intoxication to the point where you feel yourself lagging like a computer mouse. (Seeing your hand five times when you move it)
Dude why's Manda staring at her hand?

She's Mousey off her ass man.
by Amanda0311 September 29, 2010
To completely foul up a project by making the most boneheaded mistake one can make.
Dude1: Holy shit my computer won't boot up WTF is wrong with it?!
Dude2: You idiot you bolted the motherboard directly to the case!
Dude1: Huh?
Dude1: *dies*
by Anonymous February 16, 2003
a term to describe an attractive female
hey, look at that mousey over there
by brownie_1988 August 30, 2010
A sneeze that is really quiet and sounds like a mouse may be called mousey
Person A: Acho(really soft and sounds like a mouse)
Person B: Aww mousey!
by - Mouser - March 10, 2005
A girl with mouselike qualities an looks usually one who rejects making out
Mousey was being very stubborn when i Asked her to make out.
by Kiefuhhhdowntime August 16, 2011

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