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To relax or enjoy inactivity.
Let's homework or vedge this weekend...
by The Erich November 23, 2006
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or "vedg" in French is a Quebec short for "vegetable", used as an insult for a mentally-retarded person.
- Yo, gars, ta soeur est tellement vedge! - Ta yeule!
("Hey, dude, your sister's such a moron!" "Shut up!")
by KenM May 16, 2015
Your veganism, slight satire of "straight edge"
Dude, Megan totally broke vedge last night--she had a milkshake!
by Me hehe October 22, 2006
a wedge from the front associated with the female private
gosh! my pants are so tight they are giving me a vedge
by Lush*ious September 06, 2006

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