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it doesn't exist. Just a stupid bastard trying to pretend he knows something about politics, as we have seen in such places as the state of the union address.
Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job.
-- Dubya's comment to FEMA Director Michael Brown, who presided over what was arguably the worst ever performance by FEMA in an emergency situation, Mobile, Alabama, Sep. 2, 2005 further illustrating the lack of left-wing influence in politics, much less a 'vast left-wing conspiracy'.
by Constantine Vidal September 13, 2005
It used to be called socialism.Then they called it communism for awhile.Now they're calling it socialism again.Anyways it's jism and both parties are foisting it upon or more like cramming it down our throats and up our asses.
Republicans are part of the vast left-wing conspiracy.

Notice also that the word "conspiracy" is made up of "con" and "piracy" and joined by the letter "S" for "Satan"!!!!!
by Dana Carvey August 31, 2005
Before this, leftists were just paranoid, but now they bless being able to have a reason for their paranoia so that they can legally get a straw inside the government`s moneybag for their alleged therapy-sessions involving booze and bling-bling.
Apolitical dude: I read something on the internet about a vast left-wing conspiracy...
Radical leftist: I AM NOT A COMMUNIST!
Apolitical dude: I didn`t-
Apolitical dude: Whatever.
by Quakeulf March 30, 2006
Hillary attacks those on the right, while she is in fact the President of the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy.
by Truth Teller September 19, 2003
see communism , globalism , etc.
Hillary is so clever that she spoke of a pretend vast right wing conspiracy in order to distract you from the truth that there exists a vast left wing conspiracy.
by Chuck Rock September 29, 2005

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