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A Varf is a vampiric Smurf, that lives in a vacuum, that evolved from a fur ball coughed up by a Persian cat.
Oh My Friggin god, Is that a Varf on your rug!
by Emilio Ramos May 14, 2008

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a condition of the genetals resulting from over use and/or high amounts of friction put upon the area. the condition may cause bruising, chafing of the skin, and in some serious cases, bleeding.
that whore has varves cause she gets down with all the guys on a regualr basis.
by jaketothemax1000 August 14, 2005
A vaginal barf, i.e. vomiting towards or into the vagina.
I was so drunk, I was going down on this chick and totally varfed her!

by queeford the big red dog December 16, 2008