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A sex act that involves a woman being penetrated by three men via the vagina, mouth and anus simultaneously.
she put in a great performance for a newcomer, but she seemed to get overwhelmed in the vapor lock.
by Steven Moreso July 21, 2006
Vapor lock is why men snore when they sleep on their back caused by their balls flopping over their asshole.
I didn't get any sleep last night because Scott was vapor locked.
by Household 6 November 09, 2007
Vapor lock is when you eat something hot (like hot salsa). After the first bite, your tongue goes numb and you constantly hiccup for 10 minutes. Then things settle down and you can eat the rest of your salsa then.
1- Matt are you OK?
2- No, I have serious Vapor Lock.I just had some (hiccup) of Andy's Fire Salsa (hiccup) and I am lit up (hiccup).
1- Can get you any thing?
2- How about some more salsa and later you can get me a snow-cone to cool my ass off.
by Mitchell man July 24, 2008
when your ass checks have slacked together and you try to fart, resulting in confusing and pain, followed by anger
I woke up vaporlocked when bren shlacked me
by Carney January 12, 2004
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