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A technocratic cult that believes humanity can only evolve by rediscovering and tapping the ancient technology of the Vanu, hence the reason they are called the VANU Sovereignty. The Vanu Sovereignty are a transhumanist and transsexual cult of academics, intellectuals, and technology worshippers who believe that human destiny lies in the further development and exploitation of the alien technology. Despite their advanced alien technology, they are most infamously known for their spandex, which, when used on the female infiltrators, can have devastatng effects.
"Technology Equals Might" - Vanu Sovereignty
by picklestein June 21, 2016
The ultimate.
Vanu is the ulitmate.
by Meshee Cocoa March 23, 2003
when you tear, explode, penetrate, stretch or knife the vagina or anus into one orafice so the victim poops and pees out of the same hole, like a bird.
Man, I tore up Nicks mom so bad last night I gave her a vanus. When she orgasmed, she pooped and peed on me like my pet goose.
by nick boo bick December 03, 2007
amazing and foreign. also responds to Ashley
often short
but with massive amounts of built up anger. get on vanus bad side and expect the worst.
dang gurl, vanu bouts to bust a cap in yo ass
by kborto December 29, 2007
the female variation of banus. the space between the vagina and anus.
"not only was her pussy shaved so was her vanus."
by LilB November 11, 2004
The area between the vagina and asshole. Female version of banus.
I almost went down on her until I caught a whiff of her vanus sweat.
by Iz Markie May 20, 2003
Should the skin area between a females vangina & anus be removed she would be left the one orafice known as a vanus.
"Oh Dear, my smelly-bridge has collapsed and now I have only a vanus down there!"
by A. Henderson September 21, 2007
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