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Most commonly large customized work vans, often adorned with murals and/or graffiti. Some conversion vans could be classified as a Vanimal, but only with some tough looking lights and epic paint jobs.
The A-team Vanimal is an inspiration to all van enthusiasts.
by Vanimal_01 July 27, 2011
totally bad-ass van.
Dude, that's one fuckin' rad vanimal you got there, Bra!
by dusty day January 13, 2009

Main Entry: van·i·mal

Pronunciation: \v'a-nə-məl\

Function: noun

Etymology: A combination of: vanity, from the Middle English vanite, from the Anglo-French vanité, from Latin vanitat- vanitas quality of being empty or vain, from vanus empty, vain; and animal, from the Latin animale, neuter of animalis animate, from anima soul

1) A vain animal, as in the human vanimal. A portmanteu of vanity and animal;

2) A vehicle, or the driver of a vehicle, possessing a vanity license plate referencing any type of animal.
"Hey, LadyWolf just cut me off and jumped the median! What a vanimal!"
by SadieMazie April 29, 2010