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all things remaining equal; or in philosophy, without specific understanding of the connection between a cause and effect or inputs and outputs
A always causes B if, necessarily, A is always followed ceteris paribus by B
by SadieMazie April 14, 2009
a word you use when unsure whether you will be calling someone on the phone or just sending them a text later. it combines the possibility of both.
"Hey we're meeting up at 7 but haven't decided where at, I'll talxt to you later about it."
by SadieMazie April 16, 2009

Portmanteau of absurd and observation. Absurvations are irrelevant, often inane, comments or thoughts.

Where 'observations' can be relevant and useful, absurvations are pointless (though perhaps funny).

Sally: "If they made the sidewalk completely of hardened

chewed-gum pieces then when people spit their gum

on the sidewalk it wouldn't look ugly."

James: "What a weird absurvation."
by SadieMazie May 21, 2010
noun; verb form: nonscious

a mental state that is similar in many ways to that of human consciousness, but is distinct in some salient sense. The distinction between a state of consciousness and one of nonsciousness could be due to (though not exhaustively)

1) though the subject is conscious of what she is doing, she is not conscious of that fact that she is conscious of what she is doing. A state of consciousness without an awareness of itself is actually nonsciousness.

2) The subject is aware of his overall experience, the sights, sounds, thoughts, emotions, sensations, etc; but does cannot discern whether or not he is dreaming, hallucinating, or if this is, indeed, reality. The ambiguity regarding the nature of reality deems this mental state as one of nonsciousness.

3) Dream consciousness, in general, can be said to be nonsciousness. There is awareness with less of the logical and rational restraint that is exercised during waking (sober) conscious experiences.

As said above, these are examples but by no means an exhaustive list of what type of mental phenomena may fall under the 'nonsciousness' category.
"The ballerina was keen to every muscle in her body, her form, each movement, the music, the audience...yet she was also 'in the zone,' unaware of herself completely. She was in a state of nonsciousness.
by SadieMazie March 14, 2010

Main Entry: van·i·mal

Pronunciation: \v'a-nə-məl\

Function: noun

Etymology: A combination of: vanity, from the Middle English vanite, from the Anglo-French vanité, from Latin vanitat- vanitas quality of being empty or vain, from vanus empty, vain; and animal, from the Latin animale, neuter of animalis animate, from anima soul

1) A vain animal, as in the human vanimal. A portmanteu of vanity and animal;

2) A vehicle, or the driver of a vehicle, possessing a vanity license plate referencing any type of animal.
"Hey, LadyWolf just cut me off and jumped the median! What a vanimal!"
by SadieMazie April 29, 2010
a person who has a bias against facebook and people who use it. this bias can either be rational or irrational.
"Did you see John's relationship status changed last night? I can't believe they broke up!"

"No, I don't have a facebook..."

"Oh, I didn't realize you were a facist!"

or in the pejorative:

"Sally looks down on all your silly social networking, she thinks it is an ingenuine, artificial way to connect with others as well as a collosal waste of time...She is a true facist!"
by SadieMazie April 14, 2009

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