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insult - similar to a sp0ng, somone who is a newbie or a complete spack.
shut the fuck up you m0ng
by Jimb0 May 26, 2003
A very sexy finnish panda! She is also my sister. ({)(*wubwub*)

A fan of the 'the-bestest-and-most-intelligent-band-that-produces-the-most-touching-and-bestest-music-and-means-a-lot-to-me-and-all-other-fans'aka Radiohead.

Yeah, arnt we all tho?

(she likes to go shop shop, especially for shoes and bags)
Is vanim a happy panda?
by Jimb0 October 19, 2003
fucking class cs player! *giggle giggle*. I wonder if he remebers us the 'name'@mansechs cs clan, god dam we had fun!

along with m1key (mil-one-key)
helos rufu-dolla, an i getting in the way of ur awpping njube gun? damn sorry, (use use use, flash, tourch,etc...)
by Jimb0 October 19, 2003
Shirt that trendy and/or preppy people wear; an type of clothing that must be burned and/or spit upon.
Ex.1 person1-That kid's wearin' a polo!
person2-Let's punch him!

Ex.2 person1-That kid has a PINK polo!
person2-let's kick his ass

Ex.3 person1-That kid is wearin' PINK POLO with a POPED collar
person2-Let's kill 'em.
by Jimb0 October 20, 2005

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