A person who has no distinctive facial features that make them recognizable. These people can be attractive or considered cute, but in the general way that is conventional and boring.
She was cute, but vanillaface.
by Rhiannon Cook November 15, 2007
The Term "borat" uses to refer to the hotel receptionist as a white person.
"what's up with it vanilla face"
by hordan January 10, 2008
Used to describe the colour of ones skin. A term often used by horny Kazakhstan men.
"What's up with it, vanilla-face?"
by A small girl used for labour September 17, 2011
A derogatory term to describe Anglo-Saxon individuals. Used by other people of Anglo-Saxon ethnicity pretending to be someone of a visible minority (e.g., Borat in his movie).
Anglo-Saxon 1: Hey Man!
Anglo-Saxon 2: What is up Vanilla-Face?
Anglo-Saxon 1: What did you call me!?
Anglo-Saxon 2: You heard me!!
by Kleiner96 July 04, 2010
A white good-looking male. Usually plays baseball. Listens to hip-hop music and likes to party.
At that party last night there were a bunch of vanilla faces.
by Charice November 18, 2007
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