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to instantly disappear, make as though it never was.
Izzo- H to the Izzo V to the Izza. he who does not feel is not real to me, and therefore does not exist... so poof vamoose son of a bich (South park movie reference)
by blink fanatic January 12, 2005
Scram, take off, go away, gtfo.

Comes from the Spanish vamos - the word transitioned into American English as a result of contact with the Spanish colonies in Mexico.
Trust me holmes, you don't want to start shit with me. Vamos, esse.
by Tronno July 31, 2005
Be gone;leave
Jay-z's Song "poof, vamoose son of a bi***"
by Ariana March 29, 2004
to leave or depart hastily (from Spanish, Vamos meaning let us depart)
I've gotta vamoose or I'll be late.
by The Return of Light Joker June 30, 2009
To disappear.
You'd better vamoose before my girlfriend catches us.
by LB March 31, 2004
Move now, get out of here, move your bottom please.
Gardener to flock of distructive birds: vamoose you darn birds!!
by crayola March 30, 2004
Make an expedited departure. scram
You - you're bugging me. Vamoose.
by DHG March 30, 2004
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