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To leave quickly and under false pretense, in order to mislead another. Combination of vamoose and bamboozle.
"It's 3:00 Friday so I'm going to vamboozle on out of here. Tell Tom I'm at negotiations in the Government Center and can't be reached." --Roger S.

"This sermon is 'way too long. I'm gonna vamboozle out that door near the confessional. Father Murphy won't catch on."
by Rick Scott June 21, 2004

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To make a complete mess of something.
Something that has been destroied beyond repair.
An object that always causes problems.
Bo vamboozled that bathroom trying to plunge the toilet.
That car got vamboozled in the accident.
Get me the vamboozle hammer!
by XJsheep October 31, 2009