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in italian it means "valuable"
my last name is valente, i am the valuable one!
by frank valente September 04, 2006
usually a hispanic male, who is a flirt, very good looking, a leader and takes the bull by the horns. does not like conflict but is ready to face on anything. He is a lone wolf and is all around cool and calm.
Jill: oh look at that sexy animal of a guy,
Cindy: Oh yeah that must be valente, lets sleep with him.
by sanderjo January 13, 2011
a doctor that is fresh out of residency that prefers to have sex with his old lady patients or a young man that is attracted to ladies that are past the cougar stage
I can't believe you went to a nursing home to get a date, you are such a Valente
by E.T. Bonehome February 16, 2009