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(noun): Vaginal secretions or moisture.

see also: vajuicy, adj.
Carly was so horny you could see her vajuice soaking through her panties.
by fauxbourdon December 07, 2005
Vajuices are the liquids excreted from a vagina when a women is really turned on. The female equivalent to cum on a lesser level. Often These "vajuices" cause a "glazing" of the vagina,penis and stomachs (if in the missionary position) of the sexual partners. They provide a sleek slippery surface for bambam.
Men should not fret the vajuices, they are harmless and mean you are doing something right.
Kevin and Brittney had sex and he got her vajuices flowing.

Brad: Last night me and Angelina had crazy sex, I really had her vajuices flowing.
by Lukey Jay March 22, 2009
v.) To sprinkle, spray, or otherwise cover with vaginal fluid or discharge.
I can't believe you vajuiced me. It's all sticky...
by SBJ1786 November 16, 2009
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