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a physiological response a woman feels that indicates a romantic interest in a man or woman; that "feeling" a woman gets for someone she is attracted to romantically; vagina tingles
Imagine yourself having a conversation with a friend about the date you went on last night. In order to assess your romantic interest in this man or woman, your friend can ask "Did you have vajingles?"
by vajingles down south April 12, 2008
Vajingle: (n) a jingle about vaginas, most commonly used to bring awareness to the products used in or on the hoo-ha, vajayjay, lady bit, lady biz, etc.
Her melodious vajingle about free & clear tampons and pads rang out across the land bringing joy to all who heard it.
by Seventh Generation July 11, 2016
Vajeyjey, Vagina, pussy
Pound my vajingle, hard.
by alphyb September 12, 2013
The tingling numb sensation you get in your vagina that signifies your beginning stages of drunkenness.
"I'm definitely feeling it, I'm starting to get the vajingle."
by ihavenodamnclue December 28, 2014
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