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a.k.a. completely bare™ with a flair is a completely bare™ wax with a swarovski crystal design
"I got my bikini vajazzled for my birthday"
#completely bare ™ #vajazzle #vajazzles #bikini wax #completely bare
by completely bare ™ February 24, 2010
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A female or male's vagina has been embellished with rhinestones.
Girl: Hey baby, I got my hooch vajazzled, wanna see?
Guy: Me too! Ill show you mine too!
Girl: Gasp
#jayjazzled #hooch #vagina #hermaphrodite #bedazzled
by shkaay May 04, 2015
A really stinky vagina that has way to much sex, in shorter terms, a slut's vagina.
She banged so many guys, she must have a vajazzled vagina.
#vagina #vajazzled #slut #sex #vag
by Jake Hugh Janus September 18, 2014
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