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a bipolar child..
usuallly has a nickname.
such as, maniac or striker .
often fights, eats, and hustles.
vahe loves his bestfriend ani.(=
yes its totally true. ;]

"im vahe the geeee"
by aniiiiiiiiiimal February 10, 2009
An awesome person who has a great taste in music. usually described as 'legit' or 'dope' and loved by a huge amount of people. Vahe is usually very gentle in treating others and makes friends quickly. He is a very hot and sexy guy.
OMG, I'm totally falling for Vahe, he is so cute!
by Someone#1 September 24, 2010
Someone who is quick to act on intuition.
He is such a VAHE.
by pipik January 04, 2011