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mythical form of a genital mutation, resulting from extremely promiscuous behavior and multiple penetrations. the vaginal opening tears to form a single hole with the anus, creating a vagutt
Nevermind loose, this girl had a vagutt... my dick was like a hot dog in a hallway!!
by richayo January 16, 2004
A combination of vagina and butt. What is acquired when a woman's vagina is ripped to the anus.
Schmisten: Vavid and I were having rough intercourse last night...
Delsea and Wanielle (in unison): Did something happen?
Schmisten: Well, because of our intense romping, Vavid kind of created a vagutt.
Delsea: Ew. Was there blood?
Schmisten: Oh, there was a vaguttload.
by choods March 06, 2008
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