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A combination of vagina and butt. What is acquired when a woman's vagina is ripped to the anus.
Schmisten: Vavid and I were having rough intercourse last night...
Delsea and Wanielle (in unison): Did something happen?
Schmisten: Well, because of our intense romping, Vavid kind of created a vagutt.
Delsea: Ew. Was there blood?
Schmisten: Oh, there was a vaguttload.
by choods March 06, 2008
an amount so excessive it could have only have been produced by two orifices
Bess: Boy do I have a huge headache today!
Pam: Why is that, Bess?
Bess: I drank a vaguttload of Franzia last night!
by choods March 06, 2008
Similar to a vagutt, differing only in that the anus maintains its circular shape
Wanielle: Hey Schmisten, I consulted my doctor concerning your vagutt.
Schmisten: Really? What did he have to say?
Wanielle: It may not be as bad as you think! Did your anus retain its circular shape?
Schmisten: One minute, let me check!
...time passes...
Schmisten: Why yes, it did!
Wanielle: Great! Turns out, it's only a vajayhole. You're practically in the clear.
by choods March 06, 2008

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