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The act of giving a woman's vagina proper attention before an intimate act.

The equivalent to wining and dining a girl (dinner, movie)
"wooing" of the vag.
Don't just stick it in, give me some vagmance first.
by knithappens October 10, 2011
You know when two of your guy friends have that "special bond" (no homo). This is called a "bromance." A vagmance is the female version of a bromance.
AD: awww, i love you A
AY: i love you too!
AY: whats the word for a girl version of a bromance? bc i think we are involved in one right now hahaha
AD: we are definitely in a vagmance.
by goodmorninghaters July 18, 2011
The female equivalent of a bromance; an exceptional but platonic relationship between two women.
Rosemary: Hey, I'm sorry, I have to call off our date- Vivian needs me.
Man 1: Okay, I guess.
Man 2: Dude, they are having such a vagmance.
by zelenskaya January 24, 2010
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