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Paying money for a vagina you no longer have access to. It's like selling your car and having to still paying the insurance even though someone else is driving it now.
Because the man worked hard and his wife was lazy, he got sick of it and left her. Now she won't need a job for years because she can live comfortably off vaginamony.
by coder April 18, 2005
Alimony that a woman receives automatically from a divorce. Some states in the USA <i>require</i> the male half of an ending marriage to pay alimony to the female half, even if the divorce was her fault or if she makes more money, and sometimes both.
Can you believe the judge is making Mills pay vaginamony to Heather? I mean, he's a cook, but she's a fucking doctor!
by MattOly February 23, 2005
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