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1. A Freudian concept that all men are subconsiously afraid that their wives want to slice off their genitals. The term is Latin for "toothed vagina".

2. Name of a women's movement in Denmark that calls for women to not be submissive or un-agressive when in danger or being persecuted.
John Bobbit should have read up on vagina dentata.
by Colony January 21, 2004
Teeth inside a woman's vagina, resulting in the removal of a man's penis.
"You can't have sex with her. She's got a vagina dentata."
by n.m. January 21, 2004
A vagina with teeth. I worry about the sanity of the person who came up with this idea. It is also used to describe a phantasm by which a man is afraid that his lover's sexual organs will irretrievably mutilate his prick.
"For some reason, when he saw the art on the Magic the Gathering card 'Roaring Slagwurm', Alexander was reminded of a Vagina Dentata."
by KHD February 16, 2004
The most horrifying concept known to man.
"Vagina dentata... what a wonderful phrase!
Vagina dentata... ain't no passing craze!"
by kbog November 29, 2012
Vagina with teeth.
The sarlac was an example of the vagina dentata archetype.

I bet that chick has a vagina dentata.

Ouch! That vagina dentata bit me!
by Lbatman1441 February 08, 2011
una panocha con muchos dientes
fetus: "ey vata dont get tu pito eaten by that paheena dentaytah!"
lurch: "callete pita mi pito esta mas pequeno y no paheena dentaytah can get me!"
by fetus March 02, 2004
A happy dance performed in parts of Paraguay when a girl loses her virginity to her husband.
(((Singing))) La couca racha, La couca Racha, va-gi-na dentata,la,la,la,la,la,la,la, repeat 5 times.
by Jacomba February 27, 2004
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