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a word that means vagina its short for vagina bitches and hoes
dont be a vagi such a man
by viggom555 December 05, 2008
multiple vaginas
the plural of vagus
While one vagus is nice, many vagi are better.
by thevagimagi October 11, 2007
A Vagina and penis, or a huge vagina
Nastia has a nasty vagis.
by Hellyeahs September 06, 2008
(n): Alternative plural for "vaginas"
Guy 1: Dude remember that orgy last week?
Guy 2: Barely. I DO, however, remember the stench of the massive wall of vagi.

Guy 1: You, friend, have an impressive scent memory.
Guy 2: It's a curse, really.
by Blake 4ever December 19, 2011