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When a flu vaccine killed more people then the actual flu did.
In the US, it was a vaccident that the H1N1 flu killed one person; whereas, the vaccine killed 25.
by zortroz May 05, 2009
When valuables (money, jewellery) get sucked into the vaccuum by mistake.
"Did you see where my wedding ring went?"

"Sorry. There was a vaccident in the lounge room."
by JediStocky March 30, 2006
Any accident which occurs while vacuuming; whether from vacuuming up valuables to a vacuum related injury or damage.
"What happened to the vase?" Sorry I hit tthe table while cleaning the house and there was a vaccident.
Example 2: the cause of death to the hamster was determined to be a vaccident.
by Goddess Banshee April 28, 2010
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