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a cute korean smiley used in irc/chat like O_O^_^=^.^=
sighing, annoyed, asleep
<chick one>HA HA HA
<chick_2> stupid baka v_v *sigh*
by len May 30, 2004
an emoticon that can be used in chat rooms and IRC
Loserkid: yo mofo
Loserkid: v_v bitch
by OMGSHIZWAN September 05, 2003
meaning i love you. also a smiley face used to simulate the rolling of one's eyes.
Matthew: Hey taylor guess what
Taylor: What (:
Matthew: v_v
Taylor: v_v

Kid1 : yo wats up!
Kid2 : damnnn not you again v_v
by ZACHMADISON July 21, 2010
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