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Wild Man, Violent if His situation arises, Loves to party, Beast in Scuffles or Fights, Ladies Man most importantly, Gigolo.
That Dude a Real V-Boy; He busted someone's head at the party and left wit' All dey Hoe's. Then they paid Him!
by Da' Illist Trillist V-Boy September 30, 2011
An insult for somebody of the age of intercourse who remains a virgin.
Oi, v boy, when you gonna lose your virginity like?
by Rave blud September 18, 2008
In the 21th century there rose a sub-culture know as V Boys. While it is directly associated with people who still own and actively play virtual boy, I has expanded to include Gamers who play Nintendo retro cult classic.
Yesterday I was buying a game at the store and overheard some V-boys trying to explain why Z-buffering in the Nintendo 64 was far Superior of an achievement then peripheral free gaming.
by NinTenDooooo January 13, 2011
A male virgin (typically college-aged) who brags about the fact that he's a virgin publicly and often tries to use this in an attempt to pick up chicks. However, this is often ultimately unsuccessful often leading this vboy to become a 40 year old "v-man."
"Hey. Are girls generally into older guys?"
"How about you?"
"Uhh..i guess"
"Check out all these ads on e-harmony with all these virgins looking for dates. GLAD TO SEE I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE!"
"Leave me alone v-boy...I aint right about to be your v-girl"
by ewvboys April 11, 2010
A Vietnamese male living outside of Vietnam. V-Boy's tend to wear track pants and have North Face jackets. They usually have blonde highlights in their hair as well. Typically males that possess Vietnamese steorotypes are considered V-boys.
Person 1: Yo man, are you chinese or what?

Person 2: I'm a straight up V-Boy yo.
by QngUYen September 23, 2007