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a town in massachusetts that is lame. The most gangster guy drives a tractor and is named bubba bumpkin biscuit.
uxbridge is filled with so many farms, all we eat is corn and grass
by j-rob mad fresh April 10, 2010
171 58
Town in Ontario, north of Toronto. Sometimes referred to derisively as "Suxbridge". Has acquired a reputation for high rates of both teen pregnancy and pot smoking. The poor man's Port Perry.
There's nothing to do in Uxbridge but drink.
by Pithy Hippie January 10, 2008
65 61
A town in West London. Fairly chav infested. Not as bad as the North, but still nasty.
Uxbridge is a crap place to have to live for 4 years.
by Someone else March 23, 2005
74 84
A task that is exceedingly time consuming or a place very far away. The word is derived from the town with the same name which is known for its inconvenient location and limited transport connections. Some claim that the town is a part of London, although it is so far out of the city that it has been omitted from most tube maps.
Guy: You should come to my house tonight.
Girl: Uxbridge that! It's so far.

Guy: Can you help me with my literature homework?
Girl: Nah, mate. That's well Uxbridge.
by Nasian3000 December 13, 2012
6 23
town in north west london / a third of the way to oxford from london / a nice place in itself but came to be full of bottom-of-the-barrel people who look better suited to salford / and almost as inbred / original home of kingsmill / most popular attraction - the magic roundabout on the denham road because no-one knows how to get out of it, on to the M40 and high-tail it out of this hole / and when are they going to finish the fucking station //end/
"the next station is uxbridge, where this train terminates. london underground accepts no responsibility for your personal safety once you leave the train."
by Roaryourarseoff June 22, 2006
32 70
The greassy borough of uxbridge is the grimeyest place to live in ontario. This small hick town and the dirty shwa is what really makes durham region the ass hole of ontario.
People who live in Uxbridge are GGGGRRRREEEEAAASSSSYYYY
by baller1011010101010 March 28, 2008
14 73