a great place to find HOT guys that we're all related to!
"Morgan would have sex in heels"
"Cayla falling asleep on who?"
"Pink marshmellow"
"Graham Cracker"
"Eli's trisexual"
"Pink tie and red shirt"
by The Smores April 19, 2005
Naked Entertainment Representing Unbearably Sexy Youth
J & b are in USY, they are from NERUSY and wheph are they smokin'
by NERUSY-ite December 07, 2006

a person who loves sex or make out or anything with 2 couples doing something that involves having body parts in each other, or trading saliva, uses their charm to get and meet people.
Dude hes such a USY, you shouldve seen all those chicks after they came out of his room. they were fucking dramatized they have never felt the best sex.

Dude shes such a USY, she just came up to me pulled down my pants and sucked me.
by Kid25 January 10, 2010
A terrible rip off of BBYO. Even worse than NFTY which is still worse than BBYO.
Boy 1 : Dude lets go to the USY dance.
Boy 2: No way man I'm going to the BBYO dance. Its so much better!
Boy 1: You're totally right! The girls in BBYO are way hotter!
by Sarah Schwartz April 13, 2008
a Jewish youth group that is not nearly as cool as BBYO. they will try to tell you differently, but you can't believe them.
I went to a USY event, and it was so lame. I'm definately sticking to BBYO from now on.
by MazGiz July 12, 2006
A youth group who tries to keep up with the amazingness of BBYO. The only problem is that the girls are no where near as hot as BBYO's BBGs.
Wow, that BBG was way hotter than that USY girl
by The Great Aleph February 27, 2005

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