a massive orgy for jewish teenagers
David went to usy and h.u with two girls at the same time
by david November 28, 2004
jewish teens pretending to act overly jewish when really only there to get action
"We were ...praying :\ at USY"
by hanefesh chapter May 25, 2005
An awesome Jewish youth group that has great summer programs like USY on Wheels and Israel Pilgrimage!
Touring the country with USY on Wheels was the best!
I met my girlfriend on USY Israel Pilgrimage!
by ChapterMemKad October 10, 2013
The most awesome Jewish Youth Group EVER!

AND NOT A CULT LIKE NCSY! (they are so uncool they dont have a definition)

Also a great place to hook up with ECRUSY (pronounced E-C-rusy) girls.
Josh went to USY to hook up with some ECRUSY girls, but couldnt because he had mono.
by ecrusyer June 06, 2006
A Cult of Jewish Teenagers looking to hook up
Yeah i just HAVE to go back to USY you dont understand
by Jappy Jew May 31, 2005
In Seaboard Region: Unusually Sexual Youth
In Maryland, we're all a bunch of USY.
by Ben L October 17, 2004
A place for kids whose parents think that they are getting a Jewish education to hook up with random Jews. In the process, kids do learn about Judaism, and everyone wins.
Christian: Want to hang out this weekend?
Jew: Nah, I'm going to usy!
Christian: Man, that place is a total Jewfest.
Jew: Yeah, but I get to hook up with random horny girls!
Christian: True. Sorry for trying to cockblock.
by Stevenbobeev'n April 06, 2008

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