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The next-gen console from Microsoft, successor of the Xbox.
I might buy an Xbox 360.
by kingmustard April 14, 2005
Toad in the hole is an English name for meat, sausage or lamb cutlets baked in batter. It is also an egg sautéed in a hole cut from a piece of bread and a traditional British dish that consists of sausages in Yorkshire pudding mix.
I might cook myself toad in the hole tonight.
by kingmustard May 04, 2005
In the late 1970s, Rik and Adrian Edmondson formed a comedy group called "Twentieth Century Coyote" while attending college together in Manchester. Originally a five-man team, Twentieth Century Coyote eventually became a partnership between just Rik and Ade. That partnership exists to this present day and is one of the most enduring and successful partnerships in modern British comedy. The duo appeared often on Saturday nights during open mike time at The Comedy Store. Once they had joined The Comic Strip Presents... team, Rik became part of the alternative comedians "legend". He continued to appear in 15 episodes of The Comic Strip Presents... and also co-wrote a number of episodes with his long-term comedy partner, Edmondson, including Mr Jolly Lives Next Door and Dirty Movie.

From this experience with The Comic Strip Presents... he went on to co-write and star in The Young Ones with Ben Elton and Lise Meyer. He played Rick, the political anarchist studying Sociology (or was it Domestic Science?) who was a poetic genius, adored Cliff Richard and rude words. This show forever sealed his fame as a performer. It's since become a cult hit that's known all over the world.

Since doing The Young Ones, Rik has appeared in numerous television shows and films. Some of the most famous are Bottom, which rivals The Young Ones for its cult status; ]The New Statesman], in which Rik portrayed Tory MP Alan B'Stard with a wicked sense of satire; and the films Drop Dead Fred and Guest House Paradiso.
Rik Mayall is one of the greatest comedians in the world, along with Adrian Edmondson.
by kingmustard May 24, 2005
The Nintendo DS, a portable gaming system.
I might buy an NDS whilst I wait for the Sony PSP to be released.
by kingmustard May 02, 2005
A fagoid is basically a robotic fag.
Bloody hell, look at that fagoid.
by kingmustard April 14, 2005
The headcrab pet of Dr. Kleiner in Half-Life 2.
LaMarr is a damn cute little devil.
by kingmustard May 21, 2005
Short for Man Of The Year.
I am MOTY, woo! Go me!
by kingmustard May 08, 2005

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