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City State; A diverse mixture of cultures in the North of Germany with more millionaires per capita than any other city in Germany. It is a unique wonderland with a reputation for shit weather and constant wind. The police in Hamburg have leather jackets, making them tougher and uber cool. The biggest cemetery in Europe is in Hamburg, with it's own dedicated bus service.

Famous and well known for many things, including: Sankt Pauli, the Beatles, and Gina Wild; Some German rap stars have originated and reside within Hamburg. A media centre. Many homeless people live in Hamburg.
Q: Where were the Beatles first established as a popular band?
a=They started in Hamburg on their journey of world domination.
Q: What are hamburgers, the food item, named after?
a=not Hamburg.
Q: Why do people say Hamburg isn't the best?
a=they are in denial, or jealous, or both. Cops with leather jackets, Mann! Who wouldn't be jealous of that?
by w82concerned May 14, 2011
A cultural wonderland, situated in Germany's amazing city-State of Hamburg in the district of Sankt Pauli. Many bars and restaurants can be found along this historic, idyllic and iconic road, at night time it doubles as a red light district.
Q1: It's been a boring day so far, do you have any ideas for an exciting night out?
Q2: I have been in Hamburg for a week already and have had no luck getting any poon. I don't want to Bustra Move at the clubs again.
A=Go to the Reeperbahn again. At night the atmosphere is bangerangolicious and if you want an orifice you can easily find cheap working girls. You haven't scored until the knickers are off, get gash but try saving your cash. Cash before gash, that's their motto too, if you want some in-out.
by w82concerned May 14, 2011
A district of Hamburg with a bangerangolicious nightlife, a fishmarket on Sunday mornings, the best football club (fc sankt pauli), it's own brewery and the Reeperbahn. Friendly TransAnts can be seen casually getting kaylied and hipsters thrive in inspiring hobosexual - metrosexual coexistence. USP graffitti is also prevalent.

The St. Pauli flag is the Jolly Roger, the Skull and Crossbones. The skull usually wears an eyepatch, for Uber Cool pirate authenticity. Arrr.

Abbreviated form is St. Pauli.
> Where are the Uber Cool people?
- Sankt Pauli.
> What's the best district in Hamburg, which is coincidentally the best city to ever exist?
- St. Pauli. Did I mention the boats and the Dom?
> No, but St. Pauli is an icon, deserving admiration from all.
- We both know that already.
by w82concerned May 14, 2011
A carnival attraction frequenting Germany's cities. Food, alcohol and thrill rides abound for a full day of excitement. There is also a 'witches village' for people interested in medieval-themed entertainment and free mead tasting.

Popular destination for: tourists; young people gathering for their first mixed-gender experimental social encounters; and families on family day (Wednesday). Family day features cheaper prices for the little'uns.
Q1:Where can we go to get outrageously kaylied in public without loitering or seeming exceptionally obnoxious, right next to the train station?
Q2:Where can I take the kids to give my partner the impression of wanting to bond, whilst still being able to get shit faced?
A= the Dom.
by w82concerned May 14, 2011
USP is a three lettered acronym for 'Ultra Sankt Pauli', a graffitti tag which is possibly related to the St. Pauli football club. The origins of the USP crew are unknown, most likely ex-secret agent ninjas with a penchant for explicit violence and an appetite for destruction. Other graffiti crews possibly have what is referred to as beef over disputed territories and tags being crossed out.

Possible toy(s).
Q1:What does that spray paint on my fence say?
Q2:Who the fuck crossed out my piece?
Q3:Which writers lack artistic expression and skill with their quick tags?
by w82concerned May 14, 2011

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