One of the most overrated R&B singers up to date. He old music was so much better, and he was more liked for his music then his looks. Now, in 2004, he's taken over it pretty much with all the overration of ladies (Which are the majority of his fanbase) Overally, he's pretty much a R&B overrated Artist now. Thanks to women who can't control there hormones and buy his CDs cause he's sexy, etc.
Usher is so overrated, I mean look at the songs, Yeah, Burn, and confessions. Why is he so liked by women?
by Geno January 01, 2005
Top Definition
Verb- To take shirt up in any situation and no matter how inapproapriate to show off your abs.

Noun- To be completely uninteresting and overlooked until you start singing about cheating on someone.
Judge - How do you plead?
Usher - Not guilty!(pulling up shirt to show abs).

Noun: No one cared about Usher or his music til he cheated on Chili of TLC.
by whitemale_98 January 01, 2005
1. An r&b singer/dancer who came out in the 90's with songs like "You make me wanna", "Yeah!" and "Confessions"

2. To be cocky or self-absorbed.

3. To dedicate an album whinning about cheating on a loved one.

4. To show off ones abs constantly even if it does not fit the context.

5. To help someone find a seat in an event.
1. Why do they play usher on the radio non-stop?

2. Person A: Oh my god. I look so good right now. Well actually all the time, cuz I'm hot.
Person B: Come on now, stop being an Usher.

5. If you follow the usher miss, he will find you a seat in church.
by andreacky772 January 17, 2005
A once great R&B singer who, recently, became a meal ticket for aspiring artists, (Justin Bieber, who thinks he's the shit because he knows Usher).

I think I'm going to download a copy of Fruity Loops studio and use nothing but the demo song, remake it 20 ways and add lyrics of wanting to have sex with bitches, befriend Usher and, get a deal, post my shit on YouTube and then see how many hits I can make. Boy I sure hope people appreciate my took-me-10-minutes-to-make-a-song music.

I still believe even Usher knows how big of a mistake he made with Justin Bieber. Justin probably wouldn't shut up about giving him a deal so Usher did it to shut him up.
On Usher's new song, the part that goes "Oh, My, God" is really just about how whack Justin is.
by Raw Doggy May 09, 2010
Justin Biebers babysitter
Stupid person: Omg Like Justin bieber is soo kool cuz he like hangs out with usher!

Me: Usher is probably just his babysitter
by That one orange llama December 12, 2010
a R&B singer whose nose takes up 50% of his face
damn if ushers nose got any bigger there would be no space left for his eyes and mouth
by jon122333 June 10, 2005
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