R&B artist that hails from Atlanta, Georgia. He used to have GREAT music earlier in his career. He now produces basically club music, and that's it. Was way better in the earlier stages of his career with songs like 'you make me wanna' and 'my way', and 'nice and slow'
a: Remember Usher in 'My Way'?
b: yeah, that was real stuff, not this 'let it burn' stuff like he got an STD
c: hahaha, nice
by kobaka February 23, 2009
a person who likes showing their off their abs, is not even that hott and venting to the world about how sexy they are
usher talking to a person
*shows abs*
yeah i work out pretty hard to get this sexy, man im hott do you know who i slept with last week,touch my abs.....
by cms girly girl April 14, 2005
High pitched singer who dances like a retard and always takes his top off so girls will buy his singles. Songs are fukin annoyin.
USher- put ur top back on, get a facelfit and sto singing.
by JamieC90 December 04, 2004
The WORST of the WORST! The King of Gay! The Master of Faggots! This guy is by far worst and overrated of all the fucking loser musical artists out there!

This flamer puts out extremely shitty, tastless music, which of course can't sell on its own. So he then gets a mediocre six-pack and flaunts himself in homoerotic poses and in videos to get the girls wet and foolish enough to buy his records. On top of that he's got an arrogant attitude of, "I'm the shit! Worship me! I'm so cool!"

This first-class faggot has no talent, tastes, skills, intelligence or even looks.

Idolizing this douche is another way of saying that you have low self-esteem and no taste in music or even good looks in a man, or in his case, a boy.
"Oh, my GAWD! That Usher is so HOT!"
"You were molested as a child, weren't you?"
*brief silence, followed by hanging head* "Yes." *cries*
by Correct May 19, 2005
incredibly talented r&b singer from atlanta. noted for collaborations with jermaine dupri.
8701 is an incredible album, I really need to get tickets to the Usher concert
an r&b singer with extreme talent with hits like u make me wanna, confessions,yeah! burn, and love in this club
born in chattanooga tennesee not atlanta gorgia!
hey have you heard that new usher song? yeah yeah yeaah!
by somebody you dont know May 02, 2008
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