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a person who likes showing their off their abs, is not even that hott and venting to the world about how sexy they are
usher talking to a person
*shows abs*
yeah i work out pretty hard to get this sexy, man im hott do you know who i slept with last week,touch my abs.....
by cms girly girl April 14, 2005
vaginal side burns. having little or no hair in the middle and lots of hair on the out side of your vagina.
" eh omg that girl shaved the middle but not the side of her pussy"
by cms girly girl June 19, 2005
a dance group at castillero middle school where preps can join evil forces together by doing less than mediocre dancing in buns and short slutty costumes
" move out of my way im in dance infinia"
by cms girly girl April 14, 2005
a word that should not be used
"hey look theres a nigger unit"

*black guys beat up racist redneck*
by cms girly girl April 14, 2005
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