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1. A smiley usually representing a person wearing sunglasses, denoting coolness.
2. A lesser-used definition of said smiley, instead meant to show a person with large "bug eyes." Indicates eyes popping out, craziness.
1. I went to the mall and reserved that new game today 8D
2. OHMGEE. That's SO awesome. 8D
by Tozoku September 28, 2006
Primarily a fanfic term, referring to virtually unreadable prose that seems to have been vomited up by a thesaurus.
With mild trepidation, dark-natured cosmic tangents scissored,
crossed, folded into vexatious concisions, as boundless as the sea, the spiraling rubical blood nimbus cut asunder by the long lady fingers of morning sunshine.
-"Spacedust and Chaos," an Evangelion fic that truly defines urple
by Tozoku May 30, 2008
An abbreviation with multiple definitions, most commonly "off-topic" on forums and message boards. Why this term is used when "on topic" would have the opposite meaning yet the same abbreviation, nobody is quite certain.
This may be OT, but have yu guise seen this image?
by Tozoku September 07, 2007

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