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What you type into Google to quickly get to
I can barely type two letters without typoing, so I always type as little as necessary to get to where I'm going.

Google search: urbdict I'm Feeling Lucky
by MC Mikey April 27, 2010
slang term for Urban Dictionary
*can also be used as a verb
Dude, I'm 100% serious, look it up on urbdict.
*Dude, I'm 100% serious, urbdict it.
by bpbpbpbp April 28, 2008
Urb Dict is your one-stop-shop for all your modern slangity needz. Also it's where you can look up singles. Krafts singles, I mean! Ha ha ha ha ha. Oh man. That was cheesy.
I just went to the store and bought a pineapple. It was such an urb dict day.
by alias1019 February 09, 2012
someone who is addicted to urban dictionary, or someone who checks urban dictionary once a day
Jayson is such an urbdict he is on urban dictionary every hour.
by ryansoxfan August 07, 2007

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