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The Head Man at Urban Dictionary who dictates what entries are accepted or rejected.
Urban Dixie: Please Mr. Urban Dictator, I'll do ANYTHING to get my entries on the Dick.
by Urban Dixie May 28, 2006
The most clever, hilarious, legendary contributors to Urbandictators are freakishly accurate with their definitions and they rate every definition they read. Urbandictators submit enormous amounts of definitions and by doing so they waste most of their life. Urbandictators should be honored for their sacrifice for the sake of our street smarts and mocked for being total nerds.
Dude, this Urbandictator's definition of 'emo' totally kicked my definition's ass.
by JenKristo May 07, 2008
1. a fluent speaker in Urban DIctionary language.
2. One who controls the conversation with seemingly witty comments, yet found them all on Urban Dictionary and had been studying them for days on end.
Bob: Stop talking about philosophy. It's intellectual masturbation at the worst.
Bill: You urban dic'ed that.
Bill: Do you want to be an Urban Dictator?
Bob: Yessir
by alien51three April 28, 2010's "trigger-happy" Editors that click Don't Publish even if the entry is publishable, well-written material that abides by the site's rules. Just an FYI, I don't do that.
WTF?!? I took 30 minutes rephrasing & perfecting my entry & those urbandictators chose not to publish it?? Gah, they're at it again..
by catfight12 January 08, 2009
Someone who commands another to write up his new addition to the Urban Dictionary. Then, after the definition has been accepted, he demands that it be rewritten because it was not good enough.
Funkstank: I've decided that I don't like this definition of "chatnip". I want you to change it or resubmit a new one.
Go. Now. Do it.

Princess: Um, maybe you should just write it yourself if you want it done right. I'm sick of taking your urban dictation!

Funkstank: When the Urban Dictator makes a direct command, you only do one thing. Jump the fuck to it.
Reason: I am awesome.

Princess: Fine... I mean, yes Sir! (grumble grumble)
by Princess Slayah July 24, 2009
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