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Urban Bourbon is malt liquor, high-powered fortified wine, or a highly-sweetend malt-based alcoholic beverage. Generally inexpensive, these products provide a high level of "buzz satisfaction" at the expense of quality, price., and lack of next-day hangover. Generally, malt liquor is the most popular beverage, but fortified wines take a close second.
"We bought da urban bourbon from Saddiq a-wearin' da turban. Da nex mornin' we were learnin' as our stomachs began a churnin'".
by Duce's Liver November 02, 2005
Malt liquor, MD 20 20, ripple, or any other economically-priced alcoholic beverage popular in the inner city.
Me, Germaine and LaTrine got down with some wicked Urban Bourbon last night at the Lucky Stiff Club.
by MetWop August 02, 2009
1. MY shiiit...

2. The drink of Gods.

3. Look in ur cup..
Ex: You can catch me drinkn my urban bourbon Monday, Tuesday, Wensday, Thursday, Friday, Satrday, Payday, Christmas, and my Birthday.
by thisworld September 02, 2009
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