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Amber, but better...
..the future. Ember is Cool. Don't name ur kid Ember.
by thisworld August 19, 2009
1. MY shiiit...

2. The drink of Gods.

3. Look in ur cup..
Ex: You can catch me drinkn my urban bourbon Monday, Tuesday, Wensday, Thursday, Friday, Satrday, Payday, Christmas, and my Birthday.
by thisworld September 02, 2009
The Best part of Female anatomy.
Ex: That wetdream was all created from that booty.
by thisworld September 02, 2009
A good sleeper. Someone whose only good for sleeping. Someone who passes-out a lot.
"You know Dude?"

"who Him?"
"Ya, That stonner.."

"oh ya, just another Z-Bot.."
by thisworld August 19, 2009

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