Shorthand type used by u-typers, the childish internet users who are too lazy to type the proper amount of letters contained in words. This results in the mutilation of proper written English.
U-typer: u r a fag.
Me: You are un-American. Please die in a fire.
by kanakaman July 14, 2004
Unacceptable abbreviation used mostly by low-IQ illiterates
and ignorant teenages caught up in the moron culture, found
mainly in text-messaging and internet chat.

Used as an abbreviation for both "you're" (yoore) and "your"
(yore) out of laziness and to try hide the fact that they
don't know the difference. Other more correct abbreviations
exist for "your", such as yr, ya and yo, but clearly
the user of ur doesn't know the difference.

Hence the occurence of both "ur gay" and "ur momma"
where the abbreviation takes on different pronunciation
and meaning.
P1: They say that ur ur own worst enemy.

P2: Don't you mean ur yr own worst enemy?

P1: Umm, ur momma.

P2: "You're momma"? No I am not momma.

P1: Your gay!

P2: My gay? No, I don't have a gay. Go back to school.
by Frank Ritzo November 13, 2006
hometown of abraham, the founder of judaism
abraham was from ur dude
by loop March 02, 2005
Short for "You are".
U r weird.
by person yo-yo August 01, 2003
1. A city in ancient Mesopotamia.
2. An idiotic way of writing "you're" or "your".
by uyx8cr6f0g86g7y September 11, 2010
An acronym for "University of Richmond." Located in Richmond, VA, USA.
All the goddamn rich kids go to UR.
by Jesiah February 15, 2004
shorthand for 'you are'. commonly used on the internet.
u r a fgt
by Rodney Fizzlebottom the 27th November 06, 2002

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