A prefix to describe the ultimate version of something:
Britney is the urbabe.
This is the urbeer fur shure.
Shakespeare is the urpoet.
by gabe March 25, 2005
Informal spelling of "your" or "you're"
ur going out later?
by Charles_21 June 01, 2016
If you don't know what's ur means . Then you're dumb ..
What is ur name?
What is ur favorite color?
by Zeroto100realquickdawg April 02, 2016
The city that Moses or something was born in. It's a common misconception that "Ur" is "you're" or "your", but seeing as how "Ur" sounds like some sort of android (Ur 7, for example) those people are morons.
Let's go to Ur and throw the wildest party ever!
by Bainemo October 05, 2003
An online chatting term used short for you are or your.
"Whats ur new screen name?"
"Ur dumb, spell out the whole word, its two more letters moron!"
by imalive December 10, 2003
You are.
Ur good at kicking the soccer ball.
Ur is the same as you're or you are.
by Alexis Marin January 10, 2012
A retoricle question which actually means me
Niggers make ur's.
by Satanic hippo November 23, 2011
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