University of the Philippines. (Also known as Unibersidad ng Pilipinas)
I'd like to get into UP after 4 years.
by Chubod December 14, 2003
phrase that is said when something funny happens
Up!, Ms. Fancelli made the funniest noise today after she was like "okay kids.. EHHHHHH!"
by brendan and john June 08, 2007
goin up the club to have a drink
where ya goin??
by doodles June 16, 2003
Shortened form of "straight up" referring to alcoholic drinks, meaning "served without ice." Opposite of "on the rocks" (with ice).
I'll have a martini, please. Up. Big.
by tej July 02, 2006
available online
I put up the picture of you diddling yourself; the whole internet has seen it now.
by drunk November 17, 2002
1. shortened form of shut up
2. to show displeasure with something
1.Man: yo man did you see that new cd
Man2: dude up
2. in a situation where you dont like something
up homework
by asaguball November 09, 2007

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